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Hannah is a plus size fashion and lifestyle blogger in Columbus, Ohio living with her two fur bb’s Hook and Milo and her fiance, Logan who doubles as our graphic designer. She is a hair and make up artist by trade, whose passion is inspiring others to love themselves. This cat lady wants to chat you up about all things Disney and beauty. Hannah knows how revolutionary having fat friends and fat community is- and she wants to make sure you’re part of ours!




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Krystal is a plus size fashion and beauty enthusiast originally from Pittsburgh, PA but has lived in Columbus, Ohio for 5 years. She works and thrives in the fashion retail industry advocating for some large scale brands to expand their size inclusivity. Krystal is enthusiastic about services to others, all things spooky, shining her positive light wherever she goes and making others feel like their best self!

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Jeannette is a Day Maker and curator of  joy! She is a makeup artist, blogger, and  advocate  for people everywhere to look and feel like the best versions of themselves.She also has a knack for quirk  and  everything colorful, vibrant and sparkly! Sharing Joyfulness  with anyone and everyone who would also enjoy the little things in life. Her  passion is service and  to encourage creativity and expressing  imaginative and  colorful thinking and unity with like creators.  



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Is a queer, fat, femme, living, working, and organizing in Columbus, Ohio. She’s passionate about fashion, accessibility, politics, mental health and how those things intersect. In her spare time, she’s obsessed with YA Fiction, horror movies, and the love her life, Deliliah the English Bulldog. She has a background in political science and social work and loves to bring that back to her work with the Fat Babes Club of Columbus to make sure *all* babes have the chance to live their best lives possible.

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